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Five Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Carpet Cleaning Service

carpet cleaning serviceWhen you need a carpet cleaning service, a Google search can turn up hundreds of options in your area.  To get the maximum life out of your carpet, you will need to have them cleaned at every 12 to 18 months, depending on the activity level of your household. So, you want to choose a carpet cleaning service you can rely and trust to work with you over the years to keep your carpets in tip top shape. Check out to get carpet cleaning services in the region that are superb.

Unfortunately, if you don’t choose wisely and get a carpet cleaning service that is inexperienced or uses the wrong equipment, they can seriously damage your carpets. Fortunately, as in choosing most any major service provider for your house maintenance, there are some questions you should ask to make sure you hire the right company.

What to Ask When Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service

1. Do You Use a Hot Water Extraction or a Bonnet Cleaning Method?

These are two very common carpet cleaning systems that professional carpet cleaners use. In the bonnet cleaning method, they use a large cotton “bonnet” with a floor polisher that rotates to absorb dirt from the carpet. (more…)

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Cleaning Flooded Carpets: What You Need to Know

cleaning flooded carpetsUnfortunately, in recent years, Colorado residents have had to deal with the unpleasant task of cleaning flooded carpets. In September of 2013, the Colorado Front Range was hard hit by floods.

There are few events more stressful for a homeowner than a flood. Adding to this stress is the need to make good, quick decisions on the right way to go about cleaning flooded carpets.

First Step: Determine the Water Source

To decide  whether you should clean, discard or call a professional to deal with your carpets, you will need to start by considering the source of the water. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Remediation defines water that floods carpets in the following three categories: (more…)

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Remove Pet Stains From Carpet

remove pet stains from carpetOne of the most common problems that we deal with as professional carpet cleaners is how to remove pet stains from carpet.  While our pets bring us great joy, they can also be a source of frustration. They look at us with adoring eyes and then sneak around the corner and pee.

My carpet cleaning business treats pet accidents on a daily basis, and have our cleaning technique down to a science.


What You Do to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet Depends on How Severe the Problem Is

Pet Stains Stage One: An Occasional Mishap or  Mistake 

Most pets will have an occasional accident where they either get excited or just can’t wait to go outside. Every pet owner should have a bottle of pet enzyme on hand even if their pet never has never had an accident. Pet urine is composed of uric acid and other substances that require enzymes to break them down. Make sure you buy a high quality enzyme that is free of soap and oxidizers. Soap will lock the stain in and oxidizers can damage the carpet dye and leave discoloration.

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Carpet Stretching 101

What Causes Carpets to Wrinkle?Carpet Stretching 101

Unfortunately, the problem often stems from poor quality installation.  All carpets must be power stretched at installation. Carpet is meant to be installed tight like a drum, and this in only possible with the use of a power stretcher.

Some retailers advertise “knee kickers” as an appropriate tool for carpet installation. Every time I see one of those ads, I cringe. Knee kickers are meant only for small areas and will not effectively stretch a carpet in a room. More damage has been done to carpets because people assume it is OK for their carpets to be installed with a “knee kicker.

According to the Carpet & Rug Institute Carpet Installation Guidelines,  “Using a Mechanical Stretching Device (i.e. Power Stretcher) is Mandatory. Devices used as a substitute for such devices may cause injury, damage carpet or substrate, or result in inadequate stretch. Such devices are not acceptable.” (more…)

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Leave Water Restoration to the Experts

Leave Water Restoration to the ExpertsShould your carpets and rugs get damaged by flood water, you’ll have two options – replace them or repair them. However, if the damage is beyond your DIY skills, it’s best you leave the water restoration and carpet repair work to the experts. Of course, if you live in Boulder, Longmont, or Broomfield, Colorado … lucky you! That’s because you could always call the experts at Colorado Carpet Masters to do the job.

Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, the unpredictable and erratic nature of today’s global weather patterns can cause flash floods as a result of heavy rain or snowstorms, when least expected. While damage to your expensive carpets and rugs can range from the moderate to the severe in such an event, you could stand to lose a small fortune to replace them with a new set. (more…)

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Carpet Cleaning Is Serious Business

Carpet Cleaning in ColoradoHow many people know how the carpet cleaning industry developed into what it is today? Modern technology, powerful cleaning chemicals, and the skilled, carpet cleaning organic technicians we have today have evolved because of failed processes in the past. Years ago people used a shampoo and a bucket of water to clean their carpets. As a result, carpets were often damaged, bacteria-laden, dull in appearance, and had significantly shorter lives.

The truth is that in Colorado there are many carpet cleaning companies that do not take carpet cleaning seriously; lack the proper equipment; or are inefficient or unqualified to carry out a professional job. On the other hand, Colorado Carpet Masters is highly qualified, experienced, and equipped, and leave no stone unturned when carrying out carpet cleaning projects for their clients. (more…)

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Carpet Repair

carpetrepairDogs: Man’s best friend and carpet’s worst enemy!  We tend to get a lot of questions concerning the training of pets, since we are called out to clean up their mistakes so often. We typically advise people to crate their pets when they leave so they can limit exposure to the rest of the house and help the animal learn to relax when their owner is not home. In all my twenty plus years of carpet cleaning and carpet repair I have never heard of a dog digging through the kennel and into the flooring underneath– until now. A client of ours in Longmont, Colorado, called us out to repair a carpet that their Husky had created by digging through the kennel. The dog tore a three foot by two foot section of carpet and pad after digging through the kennel floor. This was one of the most challenging repairs that we have ever had, but I’m happy to share how we did it and give some insight on curbing this type of behavior in our pets.

Whenever we have a huge rip in carpet we must find a piece of carpet to replace the torn section. Clients often ask if they should go try and match the carpet before we get there so that we have carpet to work with. No matter how close the new carpet is to the old carpet, it won’t (more…)

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5 Cool Things to do in Boulder, Colorado

5 Cool Things to do in Boulder, Colorado

Colorado Carpet Masters loves our Boulder carpet cleaning clients, and we love their city too! Boulder is such a wild card, there is always a variety of things to do in Boulder for everyone to enjoy. Check out our top five cool things to do in Boulder if you visit.

1. Check out Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street Mall is a all in one destination, unique to Boulder, Colorado. Described as the “Heart of Boulder”, this four block area gives a visitor a taste of the local flavor. Filled with street performers, local cuisine and tons of shops– it is an activity that has something for everyone. Pearl Street shopping consists of many well known brands, but also lots of local shops specific to the city. There is lots of food, people, and interesting things to see even if you aren’t a shopaholic. Pearl street is a favorite for many locals and tourists when visiting! (more…)

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