cleaning flooded carpetsUnfortunately, in recent years, Colorado residents have had to deal with the unpleasant task of cleaning flooded carpets. In September of 2013, the Colorado Front Range was hard hit by floods.

There are few events more stressful for a homeowner than a flood. Adding to this stress is the need to make good, quick decisions on the right way to go about cleaning flooded carpets.

First Step: Determine the Water Source

To decide  whether you should clean, discard or call a professional to deal with your carpets, you will need to start by considering the source of the water. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Remediation defines water that floods carpets in the following three categories:

Category One: Clean Water

Category One water is defined as water that does not pose an immediate health threat and does not contain contaminants. Some common clean water flooding sources are:

  • Broken water lines
  • Malfunctioning appliances
  • Toilet holding tanks
  • Snow melt & rainwater
    Keep in mind, however, in as quickly as 48 hours after flooding, depending on what it comes in contact with, clean water can become grey water.

Category Two: Grey Water

Category Two water may cause a health risk as it may contain chemical or biological contamination. Example of grey water sources are:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Sinks & showers
  • Aquariums
    Again, within a couple of days, depending on what it comes in contact with, grey can become black water.

Category Three: Black Water

Category Three water contains multiple contaminants, many of which are harmful to humans. Unfortunately, a lot of flood waters contain soil and sewage. All raw sewage is contaminated with microbes, bacteria, and viruses. Many of these are pathogenic to humans. Microbes from black water can cause many serious illnesses and diseases.

Why Risk Your Health? Leave Cleaning Flooded Carpets to the Experts

Flood waters that come into your house from outdoors are either grey or black water. Most residents do not have the expertise or diagnostic tools to safely determine what kind of water has flooded their carpets.  It is also important to determine the full exact extent of the damage to both the carpet and the pad. Properly diagnosing the problem is just the first of many reasons you are better off hiring a professional.

Act Fast

It is critical to act on water damage to your carpets immediately.  The longer flood water is allowed to sit, the more it will wreak havoc on wood, walls and carpet. Mold can begin to grow as quickly as twelve hours. Mold growth not only damages carpets, it leads poor indoor air quality which can cause respiratory problems, and more severe illnesses.

What to Look for in a Professional for Cleaning Flooded Carpets

Professionals are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to safely restore carpet. They can efficiently handle the job in less time than you can complete the project yourself.  They can also give you an expert opinion if you might be better off replacing your carpet, which often if is has been unattended to for more that 24 hours might be the best option.

Make sure the professional you call is:

  • Certified:  Check to see that they are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).
  • Available:  Look for a company that answers their phone live, are willing to answer any questions you may have and can get to your home in less than 24 hours.
  • Trained: They are fully trained in all areas of the services they provide
  • Using the Best Techology: They will use moisture detecting equipment, several types of water extraction units, powerful top-quality chemicals, and a variety of air movers for drying.

Colorado Carpet Masters Has the Expertise

Colorado Carpet Masters is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), uses the latest technology, has the expertise and training to handle carpet flooding and we’re available to help you with any flood problem you have. We service Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, and surrounding areas. If you are faced with flooded carpets, please call us for expert service. (303) 459-2482