What Causes Carpets to Wrinkle?Carpet Stretching 101

Unfortunately, the problem often stems from poor quality installation.  All carpets must be power stretched at installation. Carpet is meant to be installed tight like a drum, and this in only possible with the use of a power stretcher.

Some retailers advertise “knee kickers” as an appropriate tool for carpet installation. Every time I see one of those ads, I cringe. Knee kickers are meant only for small areas and will not effectively stretch a carpet in a room. More damage has been done to carpets because people assume it is OK for their carpets to be installed with a “knee kicker.

According to the Carpet & Rug Institute Carpet Installation Guidelines,  “Using a Mechanical Stretching Device (i.e. Power Stretcher) is Mandatory. Devices used as a substitute for such devices may cause injury, damage carpet or substrate, or result in inadequate stretch. Such devices are not acceptable.”

If you were fortunate enough to have a good quality install of your carpets, other things can happen that will cause your carpets to wrinkle or buckle. Often times areas of very heavy traffic will have start to have waves. Also, moving heavy furniture can cause carpets to buckle. Sometimes the culprit is simply enough normal wear and tear.

Why Does My Carpet Need to be Stretched?

While small ripples may not seem like a problem, they usually develop into more extensive problem. Carpet is meant to lay flat. As soon as your carpet begins to loosen up, it will wear faster.  If you don’t get the wrinkles fixed, the glue that holds the backing layers together will break down and the carpet will become delaminated. Once that happens, you’re looking at the very expensive prospect of replacing the whole carpet.  If you neglect wrinkles in your carpet and allow them to increase, it is very likely that you will shorten the life of your carpet considerably, regardless of the quality of carpet.

What Is Involved in Carpet Stretching?

Like a lot of types of carpet repair, carpet stretching is more involved that you might think. Although you might be tempted to do it your self, you might want to think again.

Let’s start with the equipment that you will need to rent. You will absolutely need a power stretcher for most all of the work. You’ll also have to buy several things; a heavy duty stapler for the tack board, possibly some new padding, and a good quality carpet cutter, tape and iron for the doorways. You’ll also want protective gear; knee pads, (the knee kicker is very hard on the knees), googles and gloves.

Not only is there a lot of specialized equipment involved, there are consequences if you are doing it for the first time and don’t do things quite right. Using a power stretcher is not as straightforward as it might seem. It takes experience to know how much pressure to apply. Do you know what mechanics go into carpet stretching?  There are visible mistakes, such as broken seams, as well as structural damage to the fabric itself, such as unraveled fibers. Mistakes often result in permanent damage to the carpet, or an injury, both of which can be costly.

Professional Carpet Stretching is a Efficient Cost Effective Process

The professionals here at Colorado Carpet Masters are experts at carpet stretching. We can repair your carpets quickly and thoroughly. This affordable service, that we have done thousands of times, can prevent expensive damage and significantly improve the look of your carpet in just a few easy steps. Protect your investment in your carpets and give us a call today.