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Carpet Cleaning in Colorado

We use two types of cleaning methods: Traditional and Power Wand. Our Power Wand method provides the most thorough carpet cleaning in the state! See what over 300 clients had to say about our advanced carpet cleaning here.

Look at the difference between the Power Wand and the Traditional method in the picture. We found the dirtiest carpet we could find and used both methods on it. The Power Wand was used on the left, look at those incredible results! Imagine what it could do for your carpets!

4 Room
Power Wand Cleaning

4 Rooms or 800 sq. ft. max
$300.00 reg.

$249.00 sale

Steps $3.00 a piece

2 Room
Power Wand Cleaning

2 Rooms or 400 sq. ft. max
$270.00 reg.

$190.00 sale

Steps $3.00 a piece

Whole House
Power Wand Cleaning

Whole House or 1200 sq. ft. max
$380.00 reg.

$329.00 sale

Steps $3.00 a piece