Carpet Cleaning in ColoradoHow many people know how the carpet cleaning industry developed into what it is today? Modern technology, powerful cleaning chemicals, and the skilled, carpet cleaning organic technicians we have today have evolved because of failed processes in the past. Years ago people used a shampoo and a bucket of water to clean their carpets. As a result, carpets were often damaged, bacteria-laden, dull in appearance, and had significantly shorter lives.

The truth is that in Colorado there are many carpet cleaning companies that do not take carpet cleaning seriously; lack the proper equipment; or are inefficient or unqualified to carry out a professional job. On the other hand, Colorado Carpet Masters is highly qualified, experienced, and equipped, and leave no stone unturned when carrying out carpet cleaning projects for their clients.

Why are we so adamant you hire professional providers for your carpet cleaning needs? Because carpet cleaning is serious business.  How do these companies differ in their approach to carpet cleaning projects than the ‘rest of the pack’? Well, here are a few reasons.

1. State-of-the-art equipment

Professional Carpet Cleaning companies in Boulder Colorado like Colorado Carpet Masters possess cutting-edge, technology and equipment that help them to do a thoroughly, efficient job. This is because, unlike most others, they use ‘truck-mount’ rather than ‘portable’ water extraction systems.

2. Trained technicians

As opposed to the untrained technicians of lesser known carpet cleaning companies, Colorado Carpet Masters hires and trains their employees to be the most qualified in their profession. We use IICRC certification and on the job training to ensure our employees have the best tools for the job. Because of our commitment to quality and training, our employees can handle any job and their results will speak for themselves.

3. Environment-friendly materials

While ordinary carpet cleaning companies are known to use inexpensive and low quality cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, Colorado Carpet Masters insists on nothing but top branded and high-quality, environment-friendly chemicals and disinfectants.

Such materials are not only highly effective, but carry health benefits by effectively eliminating bacteria-laden carpet fibers, tough stains, animal odors and fur; restoring the original appearance of the carpets; and giving them a longer life.

4. Convincing credentials

For your carpet cleaning needs, always do business with a company that has the credentials to do a professional job. Top Notch carpet cleaners is will certainly be accredited by the ‘Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification’ (IICRC) and possibly by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Colorado Carpet Masters carries both of these credentials.

It should be clear why Colorado Carpet Masters brand themselves as “Leaders” in the industry,  while branding all others as “Followers”.

So, the next time around … you’ll know just WHO to call in for your carpet cleaning needs.