Leave Water Restoration to the ExpertsShould your carpets and rugs get damaged by flood water, you’ll have two options – replace them or repair them. However, if the damage is beyond your DIY skills, it’s best you leave the water restoration and carpet repair work to the experts. Of course, if you live in Boulder, Longmont, or Broomfield, Colorado … lucky you! That’s because you could always call the experts at Colorado Carpet Masters to do the job.

Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, the unpredictable and erratic nature of today’s global weather patterns can cause flash floods as a result of heavy rain or snowstorms, when least expected. While damage to your expensive carpets and rugs can range from the moderate to the severe in such an event, you could stand to lose a small fortune to replace them with a new set.

Why You Should Leave Water Restoration to the Experts

This is precisely where an experienced and highly qualified water restoration company can be of immense help. However, consulting one immediately is the key to avoid further or long-term damage to your carpet. Any delay will make it difficult to repair your carpets, in which case, you’ll bear the burden of expensive carpet replacement. Moreover, failure to call in a professional water restoration specialist immediately could cause your carpets to emit offensive or unpleasant odors, too.

Environmental factors, such as river/lake flooding or rain, aren’t the only causes of carpet damage … improper plumbing, or a broken water or sewage line can be just as damaging to your carpets. This is why it’s important to determine the full exact extent of the damage, and the specific cause. Once you do so, you can leave the rest to an expert and watch true professionals at work.

You can rest assured that CCM is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). This means we use top of the line techniques to remove water and repair water damage. We can be trusted with the most dire of situations.

With such enviable credentials, you can be sure that our technicians, who’ve been trained by professionals from My Maid, possess state-of-the-art equipment – such as high-tech moisture meters and powerful vacuum-cleaning systems, and use only the finest water restoration and environment-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals to do a thorough job.

If your carpets and rugs are affected by flood damage, you’ll soon discover there are several advantages in calling in a qualified water restoration specialist, rather than the other way around … attempting to do the job yourself. There are more reasons than one why hiring Colorado Carpet Masters makes sound sense.

So remember, leave water restoration to the experts. Water restoration specialists have reputable credentials; rich experience; highly trained people; the latest know how; cutting-edge machines and accessories, and powerful top-quality chemicals, to take on any water restoration challenges. Even if you are a diehard, DIY person it is impossible to match the machinery and experience we have.

So … think again! Won’t hiring a highly experienced carpet cleaning company be the more sensible and money-saving route to take? If you care about your carpets, call us!