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Water Restoration Professional in Colorado

Water Damage Restoration in ColoradoDIY water restoration for flood-damaged carpets is a laborious, back-breaking job, especially for wall-to-wall carpeted homes. While options were limited in the past, technology has changed water restoration into a high-tech process that requires the skills and experience of professional technicians employed by reputable companies. Therefore, in no event should you attempt to conduct water restoration yourself, regardless of the level of damage to your carpets – mild, moderate, or severe.

The best water restoration companies use powerful vacuum cleaning machines; high-quality, eco-friendly water restoration and carpet cleaning chemicals and disinfectants; and possess a team of courteous, highly-motivated, and well-trained technicians. (more…)

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Finding the Ideal Carpet Cleaner. Four Questions to Consider.

Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, ColoradoFinding the ideal carpet cleaner is not easy.  There are several ways to choose a carpet cleaning company, but many people hire one in haste and then repent in leisure. The truth is that most people aren’t aware that carpet cleaning is serious business, or that choosing a run-of-the-mill carpet cleaner can lead to damage and loss of their expensive carpets. Fortunately Colorado Carpet Masters is a professional company who knows their nuts in the carpet cleaning business.

One thing that separates Colorado Carpet Masters from ordinary carpet cleaners is their uncompromising commitment, attention to detail, highly skilled workforce, and cutting edge carpet-cleaning technology and equipment. If you’re searching for a true professional carpet cleaner in Colorado, make sure to ask the following relevant and important questions. (more…)

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Is Carpet Cleaning an Art or Science?

Carpet Cleaning an art or science

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If carpet cleaning is all about a brush, shampoo, and a bucket of water (as some may think are adequate) … it would be neither. The truth is that to a professional, carpet cleaning is both an art AND a science. Who knows better than Colorado Carpet Cleaners?

Is Carpet Cleaning an Art or Science? We think carpet cleaning is both an art and a science.  We feel carpet cleaning as an ‘art’ when we plan and execute a carpet cleaning project without damaging your furniture, trim, and furnishings, and we are well-versed in the art of using state-of-the-art, technology; equipment; and carpet cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. (more…)

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