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Finding the Ideal Carpet Cleaner. Four Questions to Consider.

Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, ColoradoFinding the ideal carpet cleaner is not easy.  There are several ways to choose a carpet cleaning company, but many people hire one in haste and then repent in leisure. The truth is that most people aren’t aware that carpet cleaning is serious business, or that choosing a run-of-the-mill carpet cleaner can lead to damage and loss of their expensive carpets. Fortunately Colorado Carpet Masters is a professional company who knows their nuts in the carpet cleaning business.

One thing that separates Colorado Carpet Masters from ordinary carpet cleaners is their uncompromising commitment, attention to detail, highly skilled workforce, and cutting edge carpet-cleaning technology and equipment. If you’re searching for a true professional carpet cleaner in Colorado, make sure to ask the following relevant and important questions.

1. Do they have the machines and skills?

More often than not, most carpet cleaners may not have trained or qualified technicians to get the job done right the first time. While many may have either ‘truck-mount’ or ‘portable’ hot water extraction systems, some do not.

Moreover, only a few technicians may have the necessary training and qualifications to operate these systems efficiently.

Therefore, look for a professional and qualified specialist who is certified by IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), as well as by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

2. Do you go by the sound of a low price?

This is the classic mistake that most people commit. A low price, offered by any carpet cleaning company, is usually the recipe for inferior work. Low prices often reveal that the cleaner does not have the necessary skilled manpower, or uses equipment and chemicals of inferior quality.

Often, low prices offered by ordinary carpet cleaners are for ‘single-process’ cleaning. Unfortunately, once you discover that this process isn’t adequate for your carpet cleaning needs, they’ll recommend “dual-process” cleaning … and this will cost you a whole lot more. Make sure to ask the carpet cleaner to specify precisely what process they’ve quoted for, and whether they’ll be using environment-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals of recognized or acceptable quality.

3. Did you spend enough time searching?

Grabbing the first self-proclaimed, “qualified and professional” carpet cleaning provider with just one telephone call, is another classic mistake that most people make. It is important to search around, or call in at least two or three companies and insist on detailed, written quotations. Then choose the company that has the credentials and experience; the latest equipment; the know-how; the trained technicians … and quotes a reasonably, fair price.

4. Do they offer a “money back guarantee”?

If a provider doesn’t specify a ‘money back guarantee’ in its quote or offers one that’s only ‘limited’ in nature, keep searching for a carpet cleaner that does. This will save you a lot of money later, should you be dissatisfied with the quality of their work. Therefore, always insist on a ‘money back guarantee’ clause in the quotation, before you hire any carpet cleaner.

Finding the ideal carpet cleaner isn’t hard, IF you spend enough time searching for one. If you accept that carpet cleaning is serious business, you’ll be surprised to find Colorado Carpet Masters is as seriously committed to its business and clients’ needs, as you are to your family. This is the kind of carpet cleaning company that you should have no hesitation to contract with.

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