Water Damage Restoration in ColoradoDIY water restoration for flood-damaged carpets is a laborious, back-breaking job, especially for wall-to-wall carpeted homes. While options were limited in the past, technology has changed water restoration into a high-tech process that requires the skills and experience of professional technicians employed by reputable companies. Therefore, in no event should you attempt to conduct water restoration yourself, regardless of the level of damage to your carpets – mild, moderate, or severe.

The best water restoration companies use powerful vacuum cleaning machines; high-quality, eco-friendly water restoration and carpet cleaning chemicals and disinfectants; and possess a team of courteous, highly-motivated, and well-trained technicians.

Trying to clean up the mess yourself or calling in a less competent company could lead to replacement of your damaged carpets. Ultimately forcing you to spend a load of money, which could be saved if you hire a professional company in the first place.

Thankfully, Colorado Carpet Masters is an expert water restoration professional in Colorado, so your search ends here! We are highly qualified and well equipped to deal with just about any water restoration and carpet repair problem 24/7: all year round.

Depending on the severity of damage to your carpets in the event of flooding, it’s also true that water restoration is not an inexpensive process. However, if you consider the money you would save for carpet replacement or repair, by hiring a professional you’ll find that in the long run, a decision to do so will make sound economic sense.

Water damage to carpets and rugs can be caused by environmental factors, such as flooding due to heavy rain, a breach in a dyke or dam, or an overflowing lake. However, low-quality plumbing, a broken sewage line, or a ruptured water pipe can also cause a flood resulting in water damaged carpets.

Flood-damaged carpets also carry health hazards if prompt and professional water restoration is not carried out in time. Apart from unpleasant odors of prolonged carpet dampness, mold can develop quickly, and, together with other types of bacterium in carpet fibers, pose a health hazard to you and your family members.

This is all the more reason to consult a professional. Commitment to the health of their customers is far more important than their unwavering and acknowledged, commitment to the water restoration and repair needs of customer’s carpets. A DIY restoration project can quickly get out of hand.

Such a commitment is what separates Colorado Carpet Masters from other incompetent or less-qualified companies who usually adopt a devil-may-care attitude to the water restoration and carpet repair needs of customers.

By now, it should be clear that water restoration and repair is neither for the DIY person, nor less-qualified companies. Hiring a professional to fix your water damaged carpets is the safest and most cost effective way to completely fix the problem.

After all, while floods may damage your carpets, an unqualified, uncaring, or incompetent water restoration and carpet repair company can cost more money in the long run, and even your family’s health!