Carpet Cleaning in Commerce City CO

Carpet Cleaning in Commerce City CO

 We are simply the most trusted carpet cleaning experts in Commerce City CO.   Colorado Carpet Masters offers the deepest and most thorough carpet cleaning process available, or it is Free!  Our carpet cleaning is also backed up by over 30 years of experience in the industry. Using the powerful T-Rex Power Wand and truck-mounted equipment, our IICRC certified technicians provide reliable, professional, and thorough cleaning services. With a stellar 4.9 Google rating and Google Guaranteed status, customers can trust Colorado Carpet Masters to deliver exceptional results, leaving their carpets fresh, clean, and revitalized. Call us today at:


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Proudly Cleaning Carpets in Commerce City, CO

We love carpet cleaning in Commerce City CO and even taking time to play golf at the Buffalo Run Golf course.  It seems like the city is growing like crazy and lucky for us, almost everyone needs their carpets cleaned.  Colorado Carpet Masters gets the crud OUT! We are simply the best carpet cleaners in Commerce City, and we will back up our bold statement with a 100% money back guarantee. We have committed to training our team with the best education and certifications, making our clients completely satisfied, and using the most innovative and effective carpet cleaning techniques. Our clients rave about our awesome service!

Why You Should Hire CO Carpet Masters?

We have the most experience.  The Owner is an IICRC Mater Cleaner and Restorer with over 30 years of experience.   With Colorado Carpet Masters, carpet cleaning in Commerce City CO has been a way of life, and our clients are like extended family. Every Job Matters! Every client is important!  We clean carpets in the way recommended by most Carpet Mills, Truck Mounted steam cleaning and we exceed the industry norm by using the T-Rex power wand. The T-Rex ensures that every part of your carpet is thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned and extracted. It allows us to use less chemicals and safer chemicals.

Cleaning Pet Urine in Commerce City CO

One of the most popular calls we receive is concerning pet Urine. If I had to guess, over half of our clients have problems with dog or cat urine in their carpets. Most clients have no idea how to clean up the urine stains or what chemicals to use on the carpets for urine odor or for urine stains.  In fact, most people actually use the wrong products on the urine and typicaly spread or set the urine stains.

CO Carpet Masters Cleans Pet Urine in Commerce City!

Every one of our technicians carries a black light that will show us where all the Urine stains are located. We will go through your house with you and find where the problem areas are at no charge. We can then apply an enzyme that will safely destroy the urine and odor that it comes in contact with.  Our technicians will also teach you how to treat the urine stains and odor and what to do if the urine wicks to the surface. Our hope is that we can properly arm you with the knowledge necessary to keep your home as fresh and clean as possible between professional cleanings. 

Tile Cleaning in Commerce City

Not only do we provide the best carpet cleaning in Commerce City CO, we also clean tile.  A lot of Commerce City homes have tile in their bathrooms, hallways and kitchen. Colorado Carpet Masters can clean your tile the same day as the carpets if you let us know ahead of time.

How does Colorado Carpet Masters Clean Tile?

There are a few different ways that Tile cleaning companies clean tile in Commerce City Colorado. One school of thought is to blast the tile with very high pressure and blast the dirt out. This method will work but it will often break up the grout, leaving you with grout full of holes and cracks. This method is also very fast and user friendly. In fact, many companies will then offer to replace the broken grout at a nominal fee. At Colorado Carpet Masters we use a second method that is a bit more time consuming. We will apply tile cleaner to the grout lines and manually scrub them with a grout brush. After loosening the dirt from the grout, we will carefully steam and extract all the dirt from the tile and grout.  You may still lose a little grout, but we will be as careful as possible.

We’re the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Commerce City CO

We’ve been carpet cleaning  in Commerce City CO for over 30 years. CCM uses state of the art techniques to get carpets looking like new! We have truck mounted steam systems but also use a tool called a T-Rex Power Wand to clean high traffic areas and remove tricky stains. The Power Wand maximizes agitation and cleans up to 190x more thoroughly than a tradition steam clean. What’s not to love about that?! Our cleaning solutions are safe for pets and family, and we also offer allergen treatments for super sensitive families. Your carpet can be the best or worst air filter in your house–let us make it the BEST possible!