Carpet Cleaning in Louisville, CO

We aren’t the only ones who love Louisville! Money Magazine has twice named Louisville, Colorado the Best Place To Live in the United States.


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Open Space

Even though most people stumble upon Louisville by accident– if they spend a few days there they won’t want to leave. There are over 1,700 acres of reserved open space for outdoor enthusiasts, and plenty of employment opportunities.

Art Scene

Louisville encompasses many of the reasons people move to Colorado: small towns, active outdoor lifestyles, and the freedom to enjoy the environment. There is a bubbling art scene here and hot spots for local cuisine as well. The average age of a Louisiville resident is 41, which makes for a relaxed atmosphere. In other words, don’t expect a lot of late night college parties!


Louisville’s history lies deep within the mines that surround the area. It was established when Louis Nawatny mapped his land and named it for himself. Louisville was incorporated on June 16, 1882 and coal miners working the Welch Mine were some of the first residents. Many of the coal mines are available to tour and others are still being mined. Several historical monuments exist where these mines were first discovered.


If you visit Louisville, do so in the summer. Every weekend they host Street Faire on the downtown streets. Street performers, food vendors and craftsmen gather to entertain and sell their goods. It is a fantastic atmosphere, mimicking scenes only seen in movies. There’s no better way to relax on a summer night; this city is full of community and fun. We love Louisville!

Proudly Serving Louisville, CO

In light of recent flooding, we have been busy cleaning carpets in Louisville, Colorado. We know how devastating these floods were to Broomfield and the surrounding areas and are committed to getting houses and businesses up and going again.

Colorado Carpet Masters is the best carpet cleaning company in Colorado because our top two priorities are clean carpets and customer satisfaction. We offer a risk free guarantee like no other. We want you to be thrilled with your carpet cleaning results and if you’re not, we’ll come back and clean them again. If the second cleaning doesn’t meet your expectations, not only will we refund your money but we will pay another company to come and clean your carpets. Sound crazy? We value our customers that much!

Why We Love Serving Louisville

This lovely little town is located in the foothills, six miles east of Boulder. With less than 20,000 residents, it is a quiet place to live with scenic views, excellent schools and a low crime rate.

Water Restoration in Louisville, CO

If you have ever had a flood impact your life, you understand the need for fast and adequate attention to the affected areas. We are on call 24-7 for water and sewage emergencies. We have the experience and training to quickly and safely handle your emergency. Your carpet and padding isn’t dry until our tools say it is–we never eyeball it or go on a hunch. We use meters to gauge moisture, and salvage only what is safe. The longer water or sewage sits, the deeper the damage goes–so don’t wait, call immediately. If you have water damage, call us NOW!

Carpet Cleaning in Louisville, CO

Colorado Carpet Masters uses the most effective techniques to get carpets looking brand new. We offer pet stain removal and allergy treatments in addition to our general cleanings. We know some families have sensitivities that need allergy friendly solutions, and we have them! Our solutions are friendly to pets, kids, and the environment.

Don’t waste your money on a company that isn’t professionally trained. Our team is IICRC certified and has experience in cleaning the dirtiest carpets. We use high tech truck mounted systems and also a state of the art Power Wand that cleans 190x more efficiently than traditional systems. No one cleans carpets like we do. See what our customers say about us!