5 Cool Things to do in Boulder, Colorado

Colorado Carpet Masters loves our Boulder carpet cleaning clients, and we love their city too! Boulder is such a wild card, there is always a variety of things to do in Boulder for everyone to enjoy. Check out our top five cool things to do in Boulder if you visit.

1. Check out Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street Mall is a all in one destination, unique to Boulder, Colorado. Described as the “Heart of Boulder”, this four block area gives a visitor a taste of the local flavor. Filled with street performers, local cuisine and tons of shops– it is an activity that has something for everyone. Pearl Street shopping consists of many well known brands, but also lots of local shops specific to the city. There is lots of food, people, and interesting things to see even if you aren’t a shopaholic. Pearl street is a favorite for many locals and tourists when visiting!

2. Visit and Hike in Eldorado Canyon State Park

Perfect for outdoorsy folks, Eldorado Canyon State Park has a host of activities to fill the thrill! Rock Climbing, rappelling, and snowmobiling are a few of the exciting adventures available, but it also has less strenuous activities too. Take a hike, set up a picnic, or fish for the day at this amazing state park. The sandstone cliffs are a sight to be experienced, and the wildlife visible is truly amazing. This place is so popular, your best bet is to come during the week or during non-peak times because when the parking lot is filled to capacity no one comes in until someone goes out. It is definitely worth the drive and effort to get there!

3. Explore the Flatirons Rock Formations

Definitely the most popular climbing path in Boulder, the Flatirons are a staple in Colorado culture. A popular mall and shopping center is named after them, and they are continuously used in local company logos. There are five main formations to climb and also a few lesser known ones as well. They are all creatively named, and make a great backdrop for family photos. People have climbed and hiked these mountains since the ’40’s, and they continue to be well used today. If you aren’t into climbing, the Green Mountain hiking trails provide a breathtaking view of the Flatiron formations. While the trails are not particularly long, some are relatively steep so dress appropriately and use a walking stick for added stability. The trails are open from sunrise to sunset every day, and are a must see while visiting Boulder.

4. Discover Boulder Creek Path

Perhaps one of the most visually appealing trails in Boulder, the path follows alongside Boulder Creek eastward from Boulder Canyon, through downtown and into the Stazio Ballfields on the Eastern outskirts of town. Most would agree this is a great beginning to your Boulder visit, because it allows a scenic overview of the town, while allowing for some adjustment to the altitude. The path is quite relaxing as it is completely undisturbed by any auto traffic. The trail is about 5.5 miles long, and includes many beautiful stops along the way. Want to ride instead of walk? Rent a bike! Don’t forget your camera and water bottle!

 5. Stop in at Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory

Boulder is home to the largest tea manufacturer in the United States, and a must see while you are in the city! Stop in for a brew or take the tour. The tea factory offers a tour and many samples along with it. If you visit during the holidays, unique flavors are available to sample. The tour shows all the processing and packaging processes, and enlightens tea lovers to how their favorite teas end up at the table. Alongside tea, they also sell their coffee and spices in their store– at discount prices! There are also logo’ed t-shirts and various souvenirs for sale. Tours are available seven days a week, but make sure to check the times as they vary.