Upholstery Cleaning

Colorado Carpet Cleaning Masters can restore almost any piece of furniture and turn it to like new condition. Its just a matter of first identifying the type of fiber that the upholstery is made from and then using the proper chemicals to break down all the dirt, grime, food and other not so nice things that are lurking in your furniture. We are currently offering a free chair cleaning with purchase of a sofa and love seat cleaning.

Our Method

The first and most important step of upholstery cleaning is to determine what type of material the upholstery is made out of. The next step is to test for color fastness. After fiber identification and color fastness is determined, we can select the proper method of cleaning. All methods of cleaning begin with pre-vacuuming of the upholstered furniture to be cleaned. All Carpet Masters technicians know how to perform the pre-inspection necessary. If the dyes are stable, we use a “dry tool” to clean the upholstery. This tool allows us to aggressively clean with high temperatures and steam without over wetting the furniture.
Improper cleaning of upholstery can lead to bleeding, cracking, shrinking and yellowing. With proper cleaning methods, all of these possible problems can be avoided and almost all furniture can be returned to near new conditions.

Upholstery Cleaning Pricing

Upholstery Cleaning

Synthetic Fibers – $20.00/Linear Ft.
Natural Fibers – $25.00/Linear Ft.
Throw Pillows – $3.00 each
Small Chairs – $35.00 each
Recliners – $59.00
Dining Chairs – $13.00
Fabric Protector – 40% of cleaning
Allergy Relief Treatment – $4.00/Linear Ft.

Our pricing is based on the material and size of the upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

What does upholstery cleaning cost?

Most synthetic furniture costs $20 a linear foot to clean. Some of the common synthetic fibers are Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, and Polypropelene. Natural fibers like cotton and wool usually cost around $25 a linear foot. (note: a linear foot is the measurement from one arm to the other)

How often should my upholstery be cleaned?

The easy answer would be when it looks dirty. Unfortunately, most furniture can be extremely dirty before you recognize it. Not cleaning regularly can cause permanent damage and even become a possible health concern. The average family should clean their furniture every 2-3 years for maintenance and possibly up to every 6 months if you have severe allergy or health problems.

What type of stains are permanent on furniture?

Again, the answer pertains to the type of fabric and the type of stains on that fabric. Each fabric has inherent strengths and weaknesses that determine the permanence of stains. You may want one of technicians to look at the furniture to help you determine the worth of our cleaning.

Should my furniture be vacuumed before cleaning?

All furniture should be vacuumed prior to cleaning. What happens to dirt when you add water? It becomes mud, mud is much more difficult to remove than dirt. Also, HEPA vacuuming will remove the allergens from your furniture and create a healthier living environment.

What kind of guarantee do you offer for furniture cleaning?

We offer the same guarantee for furniture that we have for carpets. If you are not completely happy we will re-clean the upholstery for FREE. If we can’t make you happy we will return your money and pay another company to clean it for you again.