COVID 19 Cleaning

As Colorado businesses re-open it’s essential that every business provide the safest possible environment for workers and customers. At Colorado Carpet Masters, we use a comprehensive approach and EPA approved anti-microbial products. Contact us for an appointment.

Our Method

Fogging inside a kitchen in a residence.

Step 1)   You may feel confident in performing this step yourself and only need us for Step 2. Step 1 is the application of soap and water to all surfaces under 8 ft, focusing on common touch points and allowing the soap to dwell for 10 minutes before being wiped down.  This will eliminate many of the germs and bacteria on these surfaces, but it does not kill them.

We charge .50 a sq. ft for this service.

Step 2)   After the surfaces are pre cleaned, they are ready for the application of EPA recommended disinfectant. We apply the disinfectant by using foggers and electrostatic sprayers. We are currently using 3 EPA approved disinfectants approved for COVID-19, Benefect Decon 30, PURTABS, and Diamond Disinfectant 1000.

We charge .50 a sq. ft for this service.

Note: Technicians will be wearing full PPE during this process.

Additional Services: We can apply Disinfectant to carpet after it is cleaned for .20 a sq. ft and to furniture for $10 a linear ft. We recommend a further cleaning of all high-touch surfaces after each carpet cleaning.

Other Information Resources

CDC – Cleaning and Disinfecting Households

EPA Registered Disinfectants

Using a fogger in a kitchen in a residence